Support Policy Page

We offer maximum standards of support to our valuable customers. will provide technical support in accordance with our privacy policy available at Gaadipart | BEST SPARE PARTS SHOP and our security practices.

Revision and updation of support policy is within the discretion of m/s

Our valuable support is extended to all products available in our product list and other services. Extended support is offered in addition to warranty and or any purchase allowance. For price and other details please contact our authorised Sales Representatives.

Support communication is provided through:

1- Web-based support portal

2- Request repair

3- Help desk

Web based support is mainly used to report issues. Web portal can be used to initiate feedback and questions. For repairs support request is to be made, and for all queries on products and services is satisfied through help desk. There will be online updation of all requests, with review status and progress information. Direct response from support executives is made available in web portal. Online request Storage facility for all critical information including instructions, recommended modifications, information and status on shipping, technical components is also offered. On every activity, an automated email notification is forwarded to the concerned customer. If you are a multiple access user, please provide email distribution list with primary email ID to assist in removing or adding users from email distribution list.

Our Web-Portal is:

Web-portal via, access is enabled to:

• Review request history

• All previous queries, opened and closed

• Current status of trouble shooting, testing, and similar activities

• Customer support team resolution proposition

• General issue resolutions

• Release notes if any

• Product manuals

• General instructions

• FAQs.

• Notice of obsolescence notices

• offer for offer appropriate replacement

Our Customer Support Team will extent:

• Assistance in diagnosing problems or performance deficiencies

• Resolving issues or deficiencies

• Workaround actions

• Necessary updations

• Remote assistance on update installation.

Please be noted that customer requests will be categorised chronologically, and priority based. Since resolution of each request depends on the nature of request, prioritization of requests does not guarantee a fixed resolution time. At every effort is taken for timely resolution. However, m/s cannot give any commitment to that effect.

Support Team Response Timing

Our support team response timing is normally 9.00am to 7pm, local time[Sunday/Local holiday excluded]..All response time vary in accordance with support package conditions.

Usually, all repairs are done within 30 business days from the date of receipt. This time limit depends on third party orders on which has no control. In the absence of warranty, repair requires a purchase order and approval on issuing estimate on cost. On receiving goods, approval for additional repair cost if any will be released.

Shipping Cost

The Customer shall bear shipping cost for repair under current warranty; m/ shall bear return shipping cost. Customer shall bear all shipping cost in the absence of current warranty.

Spare Part Availability

In order to ensure continuous and safe operations every customer is supposed to keep essential spare parts on hand. We do not have any inventory spare part. Spare part availability and order replacement depends on product availability with manufacturer. We provide available spare part proposed list

Generally spare part warranty is the balance of original warranty or thirty days, whichever is longer. There is no warranty for consumable or expendable parts. Upon request the consumable or expendable parts warranty can be provided.

Excluded Matters Include:

• Travel and other out of pocket expenses for warranty work on-site.

• Components of consumable and expendable nature

• Normal wear and tear damages costs

• Arrangement time for spare parts and replacements.

• Modification defects

• All flaws caused other than by normal use of product or services including recklessness, improper installation, training imperfections, misuse, omissions, not following instructions properly, usage of unauthorized repairs, improper or lack of maintenance, or transportation damages.

• Third party defects in products/services.

• Imperfections caused by environmental conditions

• Conditions detrimental/hazardous to the functioning of the Product or other services.

• Shortcomings caused by non updation by customer as suggested by www.

• Alteration to devices under test.

• Technical configuration and calibration, parameter adjustment to performance standards, upkeeping, troubleshooting and/or assured responses on time.

• Troubleshooting, scrutiny, and analysis of any apparatus which is not delivered by m/s

When the root cause is a warranty or support requests not covered in warrantied defect, it will impact time and materials charges with www. Requests not coming under the scope of will be taken care on the basis of material and time availability.

Please be noted that all modifications effected to anything will make the warranty automatically void. Misappropriate use, unauthorized repairs/maintenance, use of third-party components/tools also makes warranty void. Above misappropriating will also make customer support contract void even if there is privilege of annual subscription.

 Every customer should:

Provide the telecommunication/network link interface essential to connect remotely to enable support team to complete their work.

On-site well-informed and trained personnel to carry out specific instructions and to assist in the troubleshooting is essential

Make clear all net work issues, hardware capacity, hardware failure and the like issues to attend a request.

Product is to be handled in accordance with the operating, maintenance, and tother instructions provided at